Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Facebook gets 1 trillion page views in June

Social networking giant — no, behemoth — Facebook had 1 trillion page views worldwide in June, believed to be a new record for the site.
The info comes from ad network DoubleClick, which is owned by another Web behemoth, Google (which also owns YouTube, which had 100 billion page views in June).
Facebook has an estimated 750 million users worldwide.

Who comes closest to Facebook in terms of those page view stats? Not too many sites. Aside from YouTube, here are some of the top 1,000 sites ranked by DoubleClick as having the highest number of page views in June:
  • Baidu, Chinese search engine, 120 billion
  • Yahoo, 78 billion
  •, 59 billion
  • Craigslist, 22 billion
  • Wikipedia, 6.4 billion
  • Twitter, 5.9 billion
  •, 4.9 billion
  • eBay, 9.5 billion
  • MySpace, 1.1 billion
  •, 970 million
You can see the full list here. That is, when you head stops hurting over trying to image one ... trillion ... page views.

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