Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Google paid $17,000 For Patches In New Chrome

Google paid $17,000 to security researchers for reporting 17 vulnerabilities that were fixed in the latest Chrome stable release. 
Google patched a record of 30 holes in the browser and released version 13 earlier today. Chrome is already considered to be a safe browser, but it seems as if Google is accelerating its security efforts even more.
Chrome 13 also includes two major feature additions to the browser, one of the being Instant pages and the other being the integration of Print Preview. The latter has been requested by users since the introduction of Chrome in late 2008 and has found its way into the browser finally after nearly 35 months.

The preview is based on the integrated PDF viewer and can save web pages directly to PDF, but only in Windows and Linux versions at this time. The Mac Chrome 13 version does not support print preview yet.
Instant Pages is a feature based on Google's pre-rendering approach, which enables Chrome to pre-render web pages displayed in Google search results. Google said that it is using this feature lightly and only pages that it feels confident about will be pre-rendered.

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