Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11 Memorial app for iPad and iPhone

The 911 Memorial Past, Present… – Take a look at the World Trade Center before and after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. Read historical facts and watch past videos of the construction of the WTC. See interviews of people involved in the architecture, and read about the plans for its future. The app will be free through September 12. After this, it will cost $9.95.

From the developer: Explore the construction of the Twin Towers. View videos of the site long before 9/11. Connect with the the day of 9/11/01 as it unfolds. And then, get an insider’s view of “Reflecting Absence” Architect Michael Arad’s powerful Memorial Plaza and twin Pools…

The first is Sprint’s unlimited monthly data offerings, which stand in contrast to the moves by Verizon and AT&T to assign monthly data caps for the purpose of hitting customers with massive overage charges in the same manner as they once did with text message overages. The second is that even as Verizon is diddling with 4G and AT&T is pretending to diddle with it, Sprint has a (slower) 4G network nationwide already, although it remains to be seen which 4G technologies if any the iPhone 5 serves up. Then there’s the crop of T-Mobile customers who don’t like the prospect of ending up being part of AT&T (or whoever ends up acquiring T-Mobile) and view Sprint as the top alternative thanks to the fact that A) it’s smaller than Verizon and B) it now also has the iPhone 5… -Exclusive interview with the creator of the Memorial, along with his sketches and photographs.

 -More than 40 videos, over an hour of original content, site tours, museum updates, and animations.

 -Over 400 high-resolution photographs, including large artifacts at Hanger 17, rare site construction images, and the landscaping of an urban forest with 400 white swamp oak trees.

 -Links to share, post, and connect with the National September 11th Memorial Museum site.

 -An interactive timeline from 2001 – updated as construction continues.

 -Never before seen video of the attacks on The World Trade Center.

“The 9/11 Memorial: Past, Present and Future” is a journey that you can take at your own pace, a rich tapestry of more than 40 original videos and 400 powerful still images.

The Memorial should be experienced in person. This App provides an intimate, personal, self-directed exploration.

Created and curated by Author/Filmmaker Steven Rosenbaum – scenes from his award-winning documentary “7 Days in September” are included as well.

9/11 Memorial app for iPad and iPhone in the App Store

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